Can Stopper

by Dashfixer

MB Speed Stopper:

Functionality fully same as blockers, plus Miles/KM values counter Stop for Mercedes W205, W222, W213. Covers 2015-2018 Models.

For W213, filter must be installed permanently, because without filter the original Miles/km value will be returned onto the cluster display.

The Speed Stopper function works for these cars:
- W205, W222. Filter must be installed as usual "Main" filter same as 1615 filter - into EZS or into/under the Cluster CAN wires.
Control: Two modes "Count speed 1/2" and "Count max.20mp/h" - switching by the button HOME on the steering wheel keys. Exit (normal mode) by the button ESC on the steering wheel. 

The Filters have automatic CAN speed detection.